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2nite I saw the great gatsby„ it waz sOooooo gud I rly liked it. I thougt they got the story rong tho becuz it’s suposed 2 have a happi ending and it didnt.(spoilur elert) I mean its the great amarican novel it haz to end gud! I waz mad. mayb I will read the book but I herd it haz a lot off big words and is just lik the movie. o well„ also the jayz song shld have fetured a singer…mayb Taylor swift perhaps???! hopfully the sekwel :)

u kno I just h8 when people use the rong form off your. it’s “YOURE DOG” and "YOUR SAD" 

'youre is 4 saying something is urs(lol easy rite?) and your is 4 saying emotionz' 

now u kno so pls don’t mess them up

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